Thursday, December 2, 2010

So my mom didn't let me watch TV when I was growing up.

I've deduced, after years of counseling (KIDDING! Its only, like, 2 years), a lot of late-night talks involving wine and my latest TV obsession, my childhood was robbed of precious TV moments.

In fact, I recall the day when my mom decided TV wasn't good for me, or, in her words, "morally devaluing the Catholic school education" I was receiving.  It was around the time MTV was starting to become "main-stream", maybe '89 or '90.  I was about 8 or 9 years-old and had become borderline obsessed with a show called "Remote Control" on MTV (holler if you remember!) I'd convinced myself I was going to somehow appear as a contestant.  The show was on the TV and  my school books were spread across the floor, to appear evident I was doing school work with the TV on in the background (I was 8, OK, it seemed like a very good cover).

My mom came into the living room to ask me a question.  Her presense was sensed but in all honest, I was so obsessed with "Remote Control" that an actual live-action My Little Pony could have been galloping in the same room with me and I would have never known. My mom asked a question for a second or third time and I recall her voice briefly interupting Ken (Remote Control's host) as he laughed at a contestant's fortune for selecting "Home Shopping Network" as a category.

Suddenly, my mom's siholuette blocked the TV, snapping my reality into focus. She began ranting about attention and setting the dinner table but the only thing that registered was "No more TV. PEROID!" What. The. Truck.

When I was permitted to watch TV, I knew exactly what to watch because everyone was already talking about it. 90210, The *new* Mickey Mouse Club (yeah, the one with Justin and Britney and Christina when they were, like, 9), My So-Called Life...the list goes on. Sidebar: I actually did a presentation in 8th grade on the moral value of My So-Called Life (remember, catholic school), complete with a petition, asking ABC to consider not cancelling the show. I got over 100 signatures on the petition and mailed it to ABC. They cancelled the show anyways. *le-sigh* I still miss you Jordan Catalano.

Once I hit adulthood, the wheels came off.  TV and I became the forbidden lovers finally allowed to show our love to the world.  I watched TV non-stop from college into early adulthood. When I got a job with the second largest cable-operator in the US, it was kind of like Disneyland.  Actual knowledge was gained about TV, like QAM, programmers (the companies that are more-or-less the "brand" for programming. It's what consumers call "channels" ie MTV, Food Network, Travel Channel.), and Upfront Week (or as I call it "I can't spend time with humans this week; I'll be glued to the computer / blogs / twitter / Droid awaiting fall programming announcements"). 

My obession with TV and the goodness that comes with it has only grown while in the cable industry. People think it rots your brain or encourages violence (whatever). I attribute my brain rot to years of catholic school and too much coffee (again, kidding, catholic school was a blessing).

Now, I follow the trends of entertainment across all platforms: TV, web-based content, independent films. The TV / Entertainment industry is a passion and I get so excited about sharing stories with people, connecting with strangers over a new series that sheds light on mental illness (Hoaders, admit it, you can't look away and you gained some insight into the disorder while you were watching) or an episode of that Thursday night comedy (I hear you, Liz Lemon).

Long story short, thanks Mom.

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