Friday, January 28, 2011

Film Feast Series is a Foodie's Dream

It's a combination of my favorite things:  Cleveland International Film Festival + astounding photography of food + a few of Cleveland's most buzzed about chefs. 

This mecca of pro-Cleveland goodness is an installment of Film Feasts, a genius interactive series from Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF is March 24 - April 3 this year.) Film Feasts is a five-part series combining food, film and art in unique locations.   

The installment I'm giddy for is Food For Thought happening on February 3rd at Taxel Image Studios in downtown Cleveland. Food For Thought will feature a few of Cleveland's media darlings in the culinary industry with Taxel Image Studios serving as a picture-perfect setting. (OK, that last bit was little corny but I had to.)

Co-hosts Barry and Laura Taxel will open their studio doors next Thursday to a group of 75 Food For Thought guests.

Barry Taxel, of Taxel Image Photography, is a renown photographer who's snapped images of cuisine that have made you lust aloud.  See for yourself. 
Laura Taxel is food writer for pubs like Cleveland Magazine, The Plain Dealer and author of Cleveland Ethnic Eats.  Laura just wrote about the event over at  Cleveland Magazine's blog, which has me even more excited.  (Props in the  photo studio?!?  Oh, the fun to be had.)

A few of Cleveland's most buzzed-about chefs will share their Food For Thought and prepare bites to share:
  • Chris Hodgson of Dim and Den Sum, Cleveland first food truck (soon-to-be fleet of food trucks) and a brick-and-mortar restaurant on W. 25th, opening Spring 2011.
  • Ellis Cooley of Amp 150, a locally acclaimed restaurant.  The chef was recently named Rising Star by Restaurant Hospitality Magazine in December 2010.
  • Michael Hershman formerly of Menu6 and currently rumored to be opening secret restaurant venture.   
  • Kimberley McCune of Vine & Dine Personal Catering. I drooled over the Guinness Stew Kimberley recently prepared on Good Company, the morning show on Cleveland's NBC affiliate, WYKC.
Excited now?  Yeah, I'm excited too.
Food For Thought has only a few seats left for the February 3rd event.

Tickets are available at under "Support Us" or just click the link below.

I was provided complementary seats to Food For Though installment. See you there!


Laura Taxel said...

See you there Gina. Nicely written piece. - L. Taxel

DS said...

Thanks for the love Gina!