Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of? But....

So I've been on the pursuit of happiness (shout-out Kid Cudi!) for over a year: Happiness being finding a job and moving to NYC.
After applying to COUNTLESS jobs, a sprinkle of phone interviews, I made a connection with a job in my current industry and nearly sh*t a brick ("HOLY CRAP! This is it!"). I traveled to the City I love in late Feb for "the interview" after a few rounds of phone interviews.


After having a few panic attacks as I watched weather reports and snow out the window, I figured "I'm this far, I'm gonna make it."

Scheduled a car service, slipped and slid out to Long Island, did a whirlwind of interviews for 6+ hours (I thought I was going to interview with the janitor I'd met so many people) and rocked out the interview.


Something felt kinda off.

I wasn't jumping for job-joy. I wasn't doing my inside squeal (ya know, when ya wanna scream like a kid on Christmas but you might be arrested for disturbing the peace?).

Fast-forward to today - 30+ days after my snow-magedeon interview adventure in NYC. All my references were called last week.
They all said the same thing: "They are going to offer you the job!"

So....why I am 90 per-cent sure I'm going to turn it down?

It's marketing an cool new technology in TV. It's *near* NYC (commute of 40 miles east - yeah). I found a kick-ass apt in Park Slope BK. I instantly clicked with the Senior Leaders who I'd report to (all women, girl power!).


It doesn't feel right. Pay is MEH. Commute is DOUBLE-MEH. No team under me (read I do ALL the b*tch work). Its not a STEP-UP in my career. And everyone there seemed STRESSED THE F*CK OUT. OK - maybe it's a NY thing but I wanted to give everyone a Prozac or something. And each person I spoke with mentioned something about "We don't want you to jump ship after 6 months for something better."

Well, that's a first for an interview statement.

And I have a feeling, I need to stay in CLE to finish something (what, I've not figured out yet).

Thus, here I am.

And WHO woulda ever thought, I would be turning down my opportunity to move to NYC. I thought it was the concrete jungle where dreams were made of?

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