Friday, April 18, 2008

Tequilla Dinner @ Momocho

Um....yeah, I cheated on my South Beach diet last Wednesday.

We checked out the tequilla dinner at Momocho in Ohio City on Wednesday. It was the last one of the season and I'd heard great things about it so I was pumped to check it.

Now I'm not much of a "tequilla connesuier". To be honest the only time I've ever had tequilla, it's typically either #1 in a margarita #2 a shot that always seems like a grand idea, but ends up making me want to fight midgets.


Each course was paired with a tequilla which brought out some diff flavors which I never noticed before in each tequilla. You sip instead of shoot ( one told me that until after the fact). I ended up giving most of shots to the BF.

There were 5 courses and I didn't write each down but I do remember the AMAZING dessert. The blood orange margarita was AMAZING and the goat cheese guac.....holy mother-of-lord. I literally wanted to eat it with a spoon.

3 First Impressions of Momocho
De core: Worn-in comfy (with weird Mexican wrestlers in tights on the walls)
Service: Needed some work on explinations of each course
Food: Modern Mexican (fancy tuna tacos and such)
Thumbs: Two up

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