Tuesday, April 8, 2008

OMG....1st post ever

Recently, I find myself reading blogs all day, like perez, defamer, hollywoodrag, fabsugar, superficial, beautyaddict, couturecandy, etc.

So I thought....hmmm, what if I start a blog? It can be about....umm....whatever? HELLZ YEAH! How a priori when considering my often-wandering sense of focus (or lack thereof).

So today, my blogging journey begins.

I plan to get better at this. I'm sure there's some "Blogging For Dummies" out there but I'd rather figure it out as I go.

My interests are piqued when topics involve
Cleveland - it's coolness and sometimes not-so-coolness
beauty products
anything that contains bathroom humor, which makes me giggle uncontrolably.

So, anything involving the above shall be discussed here. Plus whatever else tickles my fancy.

Holler schmoller.

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