Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ms. New Beauty

Visited my bestie in Cbus this weekend. She got a crazy haul of beauty booty from her job (they have these INSANE sample sales to clear their warhouses) and being the bestie that she is, she shared her wealth of haul with me! (Thanks Mandra!!)

Two highlights to share...

Fredric Fekkai always makes my hair feel butta. If you've never tried, get you some. If you color your hair, the technician color care makes your hair so shiny, it looks like you just came form the salon daahhhhr-ling! The shea butter deep conditioner makes your hair so glossy and smooth. And the glossing cream always perfectly smooths my semi-frizzy waves, making it an everyday use in the summer!

pout lip gloss
Pout lip plump is super and I have an amazing lip pot gloss that has been a fav of mine in the summer. However, Pout closed their doors at the end of 07, so I am going to have to use what I have left VERY sparingly. Then scour eBay when I use what I have left.

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